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Wicker chairs suspended from Kit-Market

Wicker chairs suspended from Kit-Market

Our online store offers hanging chairs in various shapes, sizes and colors . We always have many models available. Suspended chair not just furniture and unusual piece of furniture that will appeal to both adults and children. Due to its design it can be used in the apartment, on the balcony or in the garden outdoors. Attach wicker chairs can stand on , which is included in , or to the ceiling with fasteners. When used on the street is important waterproof cover for suspended seat that will protect against dust and moisture . Foot rest is also interesting accessories using access .

Child before birth accustomed to smooth swaying motion . With age, their love for the swing is not lost . Wicker hanging chair can briefly return to childhood and adult. In addition, they help to distract , soothe and help you to relax .
Often chair swing set in the children's rooms of city apartments . They can fit well even in a small room . Eero Aarnio invented Bubble Chair, representing the hanging plastic chair that takes up little space and brings a lot of happy moments for both children and adults .
For country houses more suitable wicker hanging chair made ​​of artificial rattan . Rustic interior look good hanging swing from natural rattan . In the context of a city apartment look good swing painted in Indian style . They can be used as a sofa in the large living room. But in this case it is necessary to support the swing rough plank floors and carved mirror.
Designers have long invented chairs suspended , which are fastened to the ceiling. They can be adapted to any interior thanks to the fact that the ideas of designers are varied. Classic model made from rattan, perfect for modern as for classic apartment. A futuristic wicker hanging swing not only enrich the home environment , but also suitable for the modern office . And designers of Flitz Hansen did swing frame design of the chair.
If suspended from the ceiling of rattan wicker furniture in your home is no place you can buy a rack and move the hanging chair in any direction.
Offer to buy hanging chairs in various shapes, sizes and colors in our online store Kit-Market !


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