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Design a child's room for a little princess

Design a child's room for a little princess

Every girl - this little princess . Children's room should be her little kingdom. Choosing a room design , you must consider the child's preferences .

color spectrum

Girls room should not be performed in bright colors . Preference is give gentle shades . Bright colors are best used in small amounts , such as textiles or accessories.

When it comes to the nursery for girls , many associate it with pink. However, there are many other beautiful shades that will create at least an attractive interior .

Room, decorated in light green colors , looks great . Green has a calming effect . To this interior did not look boring, it can be diluted with white, which will be present in the accessories .

Room, decorated in light shades of yellow , looks very cozy and sunny. This color stimulates brain activity and creates a feeling of lightness. Dilute yellow help light green and light orange hues .

Decorating the walls , floor and ceiling

For the walls better choose plain wallpaper . Of course, you can purchase a wallpaper featuring favorite characters of the child, but it is not practical enough , because your princess is growing rapidly and will soon have such wallpaper glue .

The flooring , you can use natural wood or cork. The alternative is natural wood laminate flooring.

Ceiling should not stand out from the general concept of a child's room . It must be combined with the style of the walls and floor . Looks nice layered plasterboard .

Furniture for children's rooms

Bed . The store offers a huge selection of beds , ranging from classic and ending with four-poster beds . Regardless of the model bed she should be as convenient as possible , so special attention should be paid to the quality of the mattress. Not recommended to place the bed by the window.

Desk and chair. Desk should be functional and meet the growth of the child . Would be a great solution table -transformer, which will last for many years. In the table must be present drawers in which your baby will be able to keep notebooks and albums . Desk is better positioned at the window .

In the chair should be a feature for adjusting the height of the seat and armrests.

It is desirable to equip the place to stay where the child will be able to play or read a book in a cozy atmosphere . This can be a bean bag chair or hanging Fresco series with colorful cushions , as in the photo .

Suitable for storing toys dresser. Large toys can be put on the floor.

The room must be present girls dressing table and large mirror.


If solid colors in the room are basic, then arrange the necessary accents help properly selected textiles. Choose curtains and bedspread on the bed of bright, rich colors.


The floor can be placed soft carpet , big toys and hanging chair.

Place on the shelves of a frame with pictures and potted flowers .

On the wall , place the pictures of your favorite heroes child.

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