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Pink interior from Karim Rashid

Pink interior from Karim Rashid

All shades of pink. Do not limit yourself to one shade , creating a pink interior. So , you can do one wall accent , wallpaper paste over her color peony . Paint or other surfaces okleivayut pale pink wallpaper. Surrounded by neutrals harmonious look pearly veil and bright pink acrylic shelves . To create a suitable interior can experiment with lighting effects and color combinations.

Just not black. Karim Rashid in interior design and furniture avoids black . To complement the pink shades , he uses the color of fresh greens or herbs . These shades perfectly complement the background pink. They can add a range of caramel . So , to lilac or blue light , you can add a little brown . And do not forget that in the interior should be a lot of white . Only against this background successfully selected bright accessories.

Space and space

Free expression . The one who wants to recreate the pink interior, should be free expression . Pink interior visually narrows and fills the space . Because of this hard to create a sense of movement and space . All excess must hide in a built or dressing . Use the minimum amount of furniture and get rid of old things . The category of such things designer are those that people do not use more than 5 years .

The glossy surface . Polished porcelain tiles , paint or wallpaper with a silk sheen, screed , glossy stretch ceiling , laminate and glossy lacquered furniture fronts - all reflect color and light , giving the impression of floating in the air and light waves interior. This is especially true for areas that lack natural light.


Transparency. Do not hide behind blind window curtains. Natural light, even if it slightly to penetrate into your apartment . If you do not like the look of the windows , install them white translucent blinds . Doors and walls of glass and acrylic to make room , away from windows , permeable to sunlight. In extreme cases, this can create the illusion of illumination thanks .

Light theater. Use plain white painted ceilings and built-in lights to illuminate the individual zones . Hidden LED can provide outlines of furniture , mirrors , stairs , panels and ceilings . Well, if the backlight will change hue . It is important that the room did not remain dark spaces . Pink interior should be equally bright and lit up in all parts of the room . This will bring you to the extraordinary line between the virtual and real space.

Patterns and lines

Wave of pleasure in silhouette . Contours stairs pillars , furniture and decorative items should be different special softness . They should resemble the outlines of clouds and waves lines . The interior should be no sharp edges and protruding corners. Instead, the space must be available soft rounding . Such forms of plastic and provides the most advanced materials , which are created from pieces of furniture.

Optical effect . To create this effect using wallpaper with prints evoking a curved space . Carpets with ornaments in the form of sine waves and volume mesh create the feeling of being in a world of illusions , the continuously changing colors and contours.

Large patterns. Stylized and abstract flowers , prints on textiles and tile, wallpaper with contrasting patterns - all this attracts attention and read from afar. To the interior does not look tired and retain its lightness , such elements should be a little bit.

high technology

Intellectual component home. Smart home system , colored lights hob , built-in TV in the bathroom - all support the mood light pink interior.

Synthetic materials . Karim Rashid believes that it is important not to think about the style and the convenience . He refuses expensive and prestigious materials. With the latest technology , each item can be practical , cheap and convenient . Multicolored light hanging from chairs made ​​of artificial rattan series Fresco and dining group of bent solid methacrylate sheets are perfect for this style.

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