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Hanging wicker rattan chair

Hanging wicker rattan chair
How to choose a hanging wicker chair rattan


Want to diversify the interior of your apartment or luxury cottages and unexpected twist ? Want to treat your family and impress your friends ? Then hanging chair - this is what you need.

Hanging chair - this comfortable seat made ​​of wicker, rattan , acrylic, metal or plastic, which hangs from a tree, ceiling or attached to a special tripod . This chair will fit perfectly in any environment , harmoniously complement it, or will be the main decoration of the room . Sitting in a chair , you can swing from side to side , as if on a swing ( with the exception of the chair, and secured top and bottom ) . For more comfort, you can supplement or plaid chair cushions.

If you decide to purchase this miracle of design ideas , then you have a difficult but pleasant choice. There are different models of suspension seats, each of which is designed to create a special atmosphere for sitting . For example, " egg " and " hemisphere " will allow to enjoy the warm summer days and bright sunshine , and " Cocoon " and " drop" will close you on three sides from the outside world , plunging in blissful solitude .

When choosing an outboard seats also need to consider where you will use it - indoors or outdoors. In the latter case, better to choose a chair made ​​of artificial rattan , since this material , in contrast to the natural , better cope with the vagaries of the weather. Well, plastic , acrylic or metal chair, fixed on a stand , will be the most versatile option because it can be moved from one room to another , to make the balcony, the street and even detach itself from the tripod chair and hung from a tree .

In addition, some manufacturers have equipped their creations LED . This chair is the perfect complement to the interior of a night club , disco , house and it can be used as the original lamp. Illumination color , if desired, can be changed.

What else is worth considering when choosing a suspended chair - whether it will withstand the weight of a person sitting on it . This issue should be clarified with the seller. Depending on the model and material piece is kept suspended from 100 to 300 kg.

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