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Fashion trends in interior furniture cafes and restaurants

Fashion trends in interior furniture cafes and restaurants

Latest fashion trend in interiors summer terraces restaurants or sidewalk cafes - a combination of furniture, made of various materials . Original combinations of wood, metal , wicker furniture , items made ​​of plastic and glass make the interior a stylish and bright. Therefore, garden furniture made ​​of these materials , now more than ever popular.
Designer working on the creation of a collection of garden headset, developing an array of special furniture for restaurants and cafes. This area involves models designed for the design of summer veranda outdoor cafes or restaurants . This furniture must meet special requirements - practicality, durability and ease of care .
Demand garden headset on the market of special furniture for cafes and restaurants dictated by the desire and the desire to follow the modern and fashionable trends. To do this, just go to the directory of garden furniture manufacturer , where you can appreciate the hundreds of models of tables, chairs and sofas for cafe . It remains only to show imagination and choose the most profitable combination .
artificial rattan
Today offers a variety of materials for the manufacture of restaurant chairs, but the most popular is still the use of artificial rattan . And rightly so , because practicality , durability, ease of care and reasonable price of the material - these are the important factors that must be met furniture for cafes and restaurants . Wicker rattan chairs and sofas are combined with wood , metal or glass tables , depending on your preferred style.
Artificial rattan combined with solid wood
A real hit of the season - a combination of sofas and chairs made ​​of artificial rattan tables and different models of solid wood species such as pine , acacia , teak , etc. Tables can be either fully wooden or consist of the same artificial rattan with aluminum frame and worktop of wood.

For more comfort, visitors rattan armchairs and sofas better with a comfortable soft cushions . As for colors, the most important thing here to find a balance between the visionary and good taste. As an option , it will look perfect combination of dark furniture ( gray , black , dark brown ) with light beige cushions , as well as black or white colored furniture with colorful cushions .

The combination of rattan chairs and metal or glass tables

This option is becoming increasingly popular , because it is an excellent example of how cozy and comfortable furniture can be even and economical. And indeed , tables of metal and glass is much cheaper wood . Plus - practicality and ease of care .

The combination of transparent plastic with glass and metal

The use of such materials will create a feeling of space , give the interior a certain lightness and ease . Excellent solution for outdoor cafes and playgrounds.

As can be seen , the materials , as well as a huge number of combinations . It is important not to be afraid of experiments show imagination and skill . Bold and sometimes unimaginable combinations can look very stylish and attract attention. Aluminum table in a minimalist style , wicker hanging chair made ​​of artificial rattan , inexpensive textiles and plastics, glass and teak - you can use anything you want . The main thing - to create maximum comfort for users , both aesthetic and practical terms .

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